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Templeton Cemetery District is currently governed by three Trustees: Richard Dusi, Nicholas Leon and Beverly Rillo. They have appointed Sandy Cowell as Manager, who oversees the daily operations of the cemetery along with Neal Hasch as their groundskeeper.


Templeton Cemetery District operates under the rules and regulations as laid out in the Health and Safety Code.



Brief History

Templeton Cemetery District has been in use since the early 1870’s. It was formed in 1938 by petition of the area residents establishing a final resting place for citizens of the community. It serves an area that covers over 64,000 acres with a 10 acre cemetery site. Templeton Cemetery District provides interment services and grounds maintenance at the “in use” four acre site located off of Theatre Drive at 100 Templeton Cemetery Road, Paso Robles, CA, just north of the Community of Templeton, within the County of San Luis Obispo.


Templeton Cemetery District is a small quaint cemetery with a portion of it in the “Old Section” (plots in a dirt section). The "Old Section" is bordered by shrubs and has a variety of bushes throughout, mainly planted by family members. Located in the center of the "Old Section" is the Columbarium which is available for above ground cremation inurnments.  To the east of the "Old Section" is our new "Dry Section" interment area.  This area has been developed into rows.  The other half of the cemetery is in a "Lawn Section" which contains available plots for sale. Located at the back of the cemetery (next to the parking area) is our brick building that houses the storage room, restroom, and office.


Templeton Cemetery District is sustained by revenues generated by a portion of property taxes, interest earned on funds held in reserve, interments and from the purchase of preneed plots.


It is the practice of the Trustees and staff of the Templeton Cemetery District to assist and provide you and your family members with the utmost of service and care to those loved ones that have been and will be placed in our hands.




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Upcoming Services and Events for 2022


January 1 (Sat)

Office Closed (New Year's Day)

January 20 (Thur)

Templeton Cemetery

Scheduled Meeting Cancelled

  February 16 (Thur)

Templeton Cemetery Meeting

February 21 (Mon)

Presidents Day - Holiday

March 17 (Thur)

Templeton Cemetery Meeting

April 28 (Thur)

Templeton Cemetery Meeting

May 19 (Thur)

Templeton Cemetery Meeting


May 30 (Mon)

Memorial Day - Holiday

June 23 (Thurs)

Templeton Cemetery Meeting

July 4 (Mon)

Independence Day - Holiday

July 19 (Tues)

Templeton Cemetery Meeting

August 09 (Tues)

Templeton Cemetery Meeting

Scheduled Meeting Cancelled

September 5 (Mon)

Labor Day - Holiday

September 22 (Thur)

Templeton Cemetery Meeting


October 13 (Thur)

Templeton Cemetery Meeting

November 17 (Thur)

Templeton Cemetery Meeting

December 15 (Thur)

Scheduled Meeting Cancelled

December 26 (Mon)

Christmas - Holiday

January 2 (Mon)

New Year's - Holiday

January 19, 2023

Templeton Cemetery Meeting

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