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Rules & Regulations

Public admission to the cemetery grounds will be from sun-up to sun-down. Anyone on said grounds except district personnel and government officials, after or before daylight hours will be considered in trespass violation, unless prior authorization has been obtained by the board of trustees.


  1. The Templeton Cemetery District Board of Trustees hold a regularly scheduled monthly meeting on the third Thursday of each month, at 4pm, held in their office located at
    100 Templeton Cemetery Road, Paso Robles CA 93446. The meetings are open to
    the public. 


  2. Plots in the cemetery are conveyed for burial purposes only, subject to such rules and regulations as are now or thereafter designated by the trustees. No burials will be permitted without a permit from the proper authorities.

  3. Trustees shall fix and maintain a schedule of grave plot prices, opening and closing fees, endowment care and any charges applicable to the operation of the cemetery. At the time of a Pre-need sale, the only fees collected are those for the plot and endowment care. Full payment will be required at time of interment. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to periodically review and revise fees as needed.

  4. No transfer of any burial rights in said cemetery will be legal unless approved by District Management. The re-sale of a plot to anyone other than the Cemetery District is forbidden. All plots repurchased by the Cemetery District will be at the original sale price. The Endowment Fee will not be refunded.

  5. Resident Fees will be granted to persons residing within the Templeton Cemetery District boundaries. Non-Resident fees will be assessed to any qualifying persons not residing within the Templeton Cemetery District boundaries.

  6. Weekday services are allowed during the hours of 9am to 3pm. Special consideration will be given to a request for a Saturday service. Saturday services will only be allowed between the hours of 9am to 11am with prior approval from the District Manager and depending on the availability of personnel. An additional fee will be charged for Saturday burials. No services will be held on Sundays or Holidays.

  7. Concrete vaults are required for casketed and cremain interments.

  8. Per Plot interments are as follows: One casket, double caskets are permitted per the advance notice upon the first burial, one casket and two cremains, or four cremains.

  9. Interment of more than four cremains in one grave (4"x8") shall not be allowed, nor no more than two cremains in one grave (4'x4').

  10. The lowering of the casket or cremains: For safety reasons, this procedure will take place once the family has left the cemetery grounds.

  11. The scattering of cremated remains within the cemetery grounds is prohibited.

  12. Except when ordered by a Court, exhumations of a gravesite may only be performed for relocation within the same cemetery, per specific circumstances. Only upon direction of the Court, will district employees open a gravesite for the removal of or the opening of a vault. The District shall not be responsible for removal of the casket from the vault or for any damages to the vault, casket, or remains.

  13. a) Opening and closing of graves within the perimeters of existing coping and curb and/or covered by materials other than natural ground shall be done at additional fees above the normal scheduled opening and closing fees. The additional fees shall be recovered for additional time incurred.
    b) The District shall not be responsible for damage to, or repair or replacement of, any existing coping or curb. With the approval and supervision by cemetery management, all repair, replacement or removal of a damaged coping or curb shall be done by said owner and at the
    owner’s expense. c) Although many existing gravesites have coping and curbs in the Old Section, no installation of borders of gravesites located outside of the Old Section will be permitted. Only in the Old Section, will written requests be addressed.

  14. Alll lawn markers used in the cemetery lawn hereafter must be of a permanent material and set flush with the grade level of said plot and must be accepted by the management as being in conformity with the rules and regulations of the cemetery before being installed. A single marker may not exceed 12x24 inches, a double marker may not exceed 12x36 inches, with  both having a smooth cut

  15. Flowers may be placed on graves in vases installed level with the turf. Up to two vases are permitted per grave. No glass objects or above-ground vase holders will be allowed on any grave. Flags may be placed on graves on holidays that recognize military personnel. They will be removed one week after the holiday has passed. The district's personnel have the authority to remove all flowers, natural or artificial, as soon as, in the judgment of the employees, they become unsightly. They also possess the authority to remove any object on a grave that does not meet the above guidelines. The District shall not be liable for floral pieces, baskets, frames or vases.

  16. Only district personnel may plant trees, shrubs, flowers, plants or install benches within the cemetery. District personnel have the authority to remove any existing shrub that in the judgment of the employees has become unsightly or poses a hazard to existing gravesites. The Board will give consideration to a request for the purchase and placement of a bench in memoriam.

  17. The Cemetery District will not be held responsible for any damage to headstones or any part thereof.

  18. Liability - The Cemetery District, its Board of Trustees, and all individual members of said Board, the District Manager, and all other personnel employed by the District shall not be responsible for injury or damage suffered by any persons including children, in the use of the cemetery grounds or its facilities. Any person using the roadways, streets, paths or facilities in the cemetery shall do so at their own risk.

  19. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to review and amend the Templeton Cemetery District Rules and Regulations as are applicable.

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